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simultaneous translation. sound amplification

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We can provide following services:

Provide technical support for simultaneous translation 4 languages (special offer – 5 languages); audio and video recording with dubbing if requested; connection to phone line and teleconference if requeste, portable system for simultaneous translation – ideal option for buses, tours, trainings

Provide different types of sound amplification microphones different types and modifications (roundtable, amphitheater seating, poster stand, presentation etc.)

Provide professional interpreting simultaneous and consecutive

Digitization of audio and video files digitization of audio- and videotapes (CD format)

Give a consultation for us, your conference is always the most important and unique event. We welcome your comments and will try our best to help you choose the best fitting equipment and services.

We may help you in choosing the place for your conference Possible places limited only with your imagination

We'll support your conference with presentation equipment LCD-projectors, projection screens, video relaying to next rooms, flip-charts, laptops, etc.

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