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simultaneous translation. sound amplification

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We'll provide the optimum alternative of the equipment:

Equipment for Simultaneous Translation

Sound Amplification Equipment for different types of events

Microphones different types and modificationsTable, floor, cord and radiomicrophones
(hand, breastplate and clip)

Portable System for Simultaneous Translationso-called equipment for "whisper" translation – ideal option for buses, tours, trainings

Audio Recording Systems (digital and analogue)

Video Recording Systems (digital and analogue)

Also we'll offer you presentation equipment: LCD Projectors, Tripod Projector Screens (direct projection screens), Big screen video broadcasting of sessions held in one room to the other , Overhead Projectors, LCD Screens (plasma screens), Flip Charts, Video and audio players (VHS, DVD, MD, CD), Movie Camera, Laptops, Audio and Video Recording (digital or analogue), Laser Printer, Table Copy Machine, Laser Pointers, Presentation Remote Control (protected from interferences caused by illuminating equipment), Digital Photo Session of the Conference

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